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Providing Answers to Your Top Questions About Massage

man getting shoulder massageIf you’ve never had a massage before but are considering it, you likely have many questions. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How will I feel after a massage?

Our massage therapist Chloe Thomas applies firm pressure for deep tissue massage. Though you may feel slightly achy afterwards, she considers it a “good ache.” It’s similar to what you’d experience after working out at the gym.

How do massage and chiropractic go hand in hand?

Massage is an excellent complement to chiropractic. Getting a massage before or after a chiropractic adjustment can help your body take in the adjustment more smoothly. It also can help the adjustment hold longer.

What are some benefits of massage?

There are so many benefits associated with massage:

  • Decreases pain
  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Enhances sleep
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Fosters relaxation
  • Improves circulation

What types of massage do Kensington Chiropractic for Health offer?

Chloe primarily provides remedial with deep tissue massage. But she also likes to include Reiki, reflexology and energy work to provide a holistic approach to her massage. Chloe will be pursuing a Reiki Mastership and also has training in acupressure. So she can give you optimal results, Chloe will determine what you need and whether you want to include a particular therapy such as reflexology in your session.

What if I don’t want a massage therapist to work on a particular part of my body?

Before your massage, let Chloe know if there are certain parts of your body that you want her to avoid. For example, many clients don’t like having their abdominal area massaged. Chloe will always honour your wishes. She will know how to avoid any sensitive areas you mention and still provide a therapeutic experience.

What happens if I fall asleep during my massage?

If you do fall asleep during your massage, that’s entirely okay! In fact, many people fall asleep during their massage as it’s highly relaxing. Massage therapists such as Chloe consider it a compliment because they’re providing their clients with the ultimate in relaxation. So enjoy your massage experience and don’t worry about needing to stay awake and alert. Many clients give their body and mind permission to fall into a deeply relaxing state.

If you’d like to experience the many benefits of massage, contact us today to book an appointment!

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