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About Kensington Chiropractic for Health

Kensington Chiropractic Reception Area

Welcome to Kensington Chiropractic for Health

Kensington Chiropractic for Health was established in 1998. It has since changed hands twice and is now owned by Dr Liam Welfar (Chiropractor). Dr Welfar loves helping South Perth families achieve optimal health. Our highly experienced doctors use a variety of effective chiropractic techniques.

Our Brain Coordinates Our Body

We believe that our brain is the primary coordinator of our entire body and its functions. It sends messages to the rest of our system. With chiropractic care, we help to balance and regulate the mechanisms of the body; we help to heal them. Our world is full of a variety of chemical, mental and physical stresses. We address these stresses with a wellness approach that promotes a natural lifestyle.

Compassionate Care for All

Kensington Chiropractic for Health is an eclectic practice as the doctors treat patients ranging from 0 to 90-plus, with a special interest in pregnancy and pediatric. Dr Lindsey provides compassionate chiropractic care to patients of every age.

The practice prides itself on being very personal as the staff and team are very close with each other and with patients. The doctors take the time and effort to know things about their patients and their families.

A Family-Friendly Environment

We want you to feel like you’re at home when you visit our clinic. As a family-friendly practice, we are pregnancy and pediatric equipped. In our office we feature feeding rooms, changing tables, playrooms and colouring competitions. Both doctors are also certified in the Webster technique. This is a technique used on pregnant mothers to optimise their pregnancy and restore pelvic balance and function so the baby will be in the best possible position for delivery.

Discover how we can provide compassionate, quality care for you and your family. Call us to schedule an appointment (08) 9368 0100.