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Chloe Thomas, RMT

Natural Complimentary Therapist, specialising in Remedial Massage Therapy and Reflexology

Chloe Thomas Remedial Massage TherapistChloe graduated from North Metropolitan TAFE in 2016 with a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy. Her desire to expand her knowledge in the field of Natural Complimentary Therapies led her to pursue a Diploma of Reflexology, graduating in 2017, and certificates in Reiki and Kahuna Massage. She established Flying High Wellness Therapies in early 2017, aiming to support, nurture and care for others on their journey through life, and to create a safe and peaceful environment in which to promote and foster healing and wellness.

Through her practices, Chloe also aims to highlight the importance of massage, Reflexology and other natural, complementary, and alternative therapies within the wellness industry. To showcase how these therapies improve health and wellbeing—both mental and physical—and quality of life.

Chloe highly values and respects both the mind and body, and all they are capable of, and recognises the strong mind-body connection and the impact one has on the other. Healing is her passion, and your wellbeing is vital to her. As such, Chloe provides the best care possible, always treating holistically with care, kindness, respect and compassion as she endeavours to uncover and solve the root of your problem rather than simply treating your symptoms.

Chloe is extremely excited to be part of Liam Welfar’s team and looks forward to meeting you all!


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