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Chiropractic Techniques

At Kensington Chiropractic for Health we offer our patients a variety of techniques and services to help you feel better and get better.

Dr Lindsey Allard, Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic adjustments are tailored to your size, age and particular health issue.

Diversified Manual

This is a very hands-on firmer adjustment. The doctors mainly use this approach in how they adjust their patients.


Thompson Terminal Point technique is a system of analysis and a special table that reduces the amount of energy needed to adjust your spine. read more»

Activator Methods®

This is a system of spinal evaluation combined with a handheld adjusting instrument that delivers a consistent, low-force thrust. read more»


By releasing the stress on a pregnant woman’s pelvis, the uterus and surrounding ligaments relax, permitting the baby to turn naturally. read more»

Your Chiropractic Treatment

When you visit us, we will always explain what’s going to happen, step by step. Between adjustments, we will check in with you to see how you feel about the approach and technique we chose. If you’ve been to a chiropractor before and prefer a specific technique, we can advise you on the best approach.

Each patient is different. One may need a firmer adjustment while another may require a lighter, more refined technique. We will meet your individual needs and always decide together what will work best for you.

If you would like to know more about our array of techniques and services, please call us at (08) 9368 0100.