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Additional Services

Kensington Chiropractic for Health is pleased to offer an array of additional services to complement patients’ chiropractic care. These include the following:

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapist is specialised in soft tissue therapy. This type of treatment helps to treat injuries and improve the function of muscles, tendons and ligaments. A variety of hands-on techniques including trigger point, myopractic and myofascial are used to release muscle tightness, break up fibrous adhesions and re-train the body to use muscles more efficiently. Personalised stretching and strengthening programmes are incorporated to help restore optimal movement patterns. Lifestyle factors such as workplace setup and sleeping positions are also considered in order to identify and manage aggravating factors.

Remedial Massage Therapy

Both of our doctors do muscle work, but a massage therapist is available if a lengthier massage needs to be done. This modality can help with soft tissue problems.

BioCeuticals and Metagenics®

These supplements are designed to support specific treatment goals and enhance health.

Fertility Management

We look forward to offering additional fertility management services in 2015 including natural male and female fertility enhancement. Additionally, natural family planning and fertility management without the use of hormones (The Billings Ovulation Method) will be available.

Discover how these services can enhance your health! Schedule an appointment by calling us (08) 9368 0100.