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Patient Education

Welcome to our patient education website! We’ve splurged on these terrific videos for a few reasons:

  1. To make it easier for you to learn about chiropractic, and why it is so important to your health
  2. To boost your confidence in knowing how chiropractic works, and the amazing research behind it!
  3. To share with friends and family! This can be a really easy way to get others on board with chiropractic care.

We’ll be adding a new video every Monday! Enjoy! We would love your feedback!

1. The Beginner’s Guide to Chiropractic

2. Is Your Perception of Reality Correct?

3. Your Brain Body & Spine

4. Symptoms Can Be the Tip of the Iceberg

5. The Science Behind Chiropractic – Part I

6. The Science Behind Chiropractic – Part II

7. Full Length Video (Parts 1-6 combined)

8. Chiropractic & Older Adults

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